Inaugural America's Cup, 2009

Growth in the Americas

How to Get Involved with the American Powerchair Football Confederation


We are actively looking to expand this sport throughout the American Zone. If you are interested in creating a program in your country and have the resources to recruit potential athletes, then we want you! Please contact us and we can work together to help build a program in your area. We offer in person clinics with highly qualified coaches, athletes, referees and classifiers.


Clinics are an important component to introducing powerchair football to your community and potential athletes, but we do not stop there. The training of coaches, referees and classifiers are equally important to sustain a successful program. We offer qualified trainers to teach in the classroom and put those skills to use in a live game.

Visit our virtual training page for the latest sessions.

How to Start Playing

If you live in one of our member countries, please visit their page and contact them to find out how to find a team near you. If there is not currently a team in your country, please contact us so we can share the opportunity to bring power chair football to your area! Email us at

Want to be a Member?

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