American Powerchair Football Confederation

Countries in America where Powerchair Football is played Powerchair Football is Football in motorized wheelchairs, played on an indoor court, with 4 players for each team. It is a mixed sport with no age limit.

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What is Powerchair Football?

Powerchair football, (also known as power soccer in the US) is a dynamic sport played across the world and offers the power wheelchair user the ability to play a team sport independently while experiencing the thrill and excitement of team competition. Powerchair football is modeled after able-bodied soccer and played with a 13’ soccer ball maneuvered by the athlete with foot guards attached to the front of their wheelchair. The athletes will use their chair to do spin-kicks, passing, dribbling, defending and executing goals! Powerchair football is a team sport that builds teamwork, competitiveness, problem solving, decision-making, independence, perseverance, good sportsmanship and adrenaline!

What is the Zone?

The American Powerchair Football Confederation (APFC) oversees the sport of Powerchair football in North, Central and South America. It has a board and six member countries with active programs and national organizations. The zone is actively working to bring the sport to other nations in our zone so that all disabled athletes have the opportunity to play this awesome sport!


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