March 2011
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Associação Brasileira de Futebol em Cadeira de Rodas


We started our activities in 2011 when we held our 1st Brazilian Championship. In 2012 our first international event with classification and arbitration clinics. Today we have 7 teams in training and another 5 in the initial process. We have approximately 100 affiliated athletes and we believe in a potential still very large to be reached in our country.

Mission Statement

Administer, develop and organize a Power Soccer modality at the national level. Be the Brazilian representative of the sport at the international level, with the competent bodies, competitions and events.

Consolidate the practice of this sport among people with disabilities who use a motorized chair in Brazil, through measures aimed at obtaining improvements in their condition of existence. To work with the community and public and private powers, in order to promote their full integration into society.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • 3rd Place Copa Américas

Competitions Hosted

2011 - International Clinic Referees and Classification

2014 - Mundialito de Power Soccer

2017 – Copa Powerchair Libertadores

2019 - Americas Cup (World Cup qualifying)

At the same time since 2011, we annually hold a national cup.

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